• FKH Branding Design Web: A creative studio based in Germany specialized in Branding, Design and Websites.
  • We design and produce corporate designs and logos for doctors, businesses and entrepreneurs.
  • We design and produce all things printed like catalogs, books, flyers, posters, business cards, flags, giveaways.
  • We design and program professional websites for doctors, businesses and entrepreneurs.
Design services for doctors, business owners and self-employed

At FKH Branding Design Web you get everything from one source because I design everything myself and manage the process independently.

With over 24 years of experience, I have a keen sense of good, solid communication and quality execution, and I am available to answer any questions you may have.

1. Practice design for doctors / dentists / clinics

From the logo to the letterhead, appointment books, business cards, practice flyers, car wraps, pens and practice website, I can provide everything you need to run a professionally managed practice.

When developing a practice design, I pay close attention to cost effectiveness, haptics and emotion, to achieve a high level of expressiveness and visual impact.

Years of experience in developing practice designs, from concept to completion, gives me the confidence to advise each doctor in a thorough and professional manner, whilst respecting their budget.

2. Corporate design for business owners / self-employed

As with practice design, a professional and solidly executed corporate design is crucial to the effect on direct and business clients.

Here, too, the full range of services is offered, from logo, business stationery or website to all the other products such as company flags, pens or writing pads.

A high degree of understanding of the task at hand, a quick grasp of the client's wishes, a professional approach and consideration for the budget are the criteria by which I work.

3. Practice websites for doctors / dentists / clinics

Doctors need a website! Whether on a screen, tablet or smartphone, getting information about a practice in this way is an essential part of today's world.

With more than 300 websites for doctors, dentists as well as medical associations, clinics, health care providers, naturopaths, etc. I understand the requirements and can advise you in a professional manner.

All websites are built to the latest technological standards. They work on screen, tablet and smartphone. A Google Business account is also included, with the practice logo, photos of the practice and all practice-related data such as catchment area, accessibility, opening hours, holidays and vacation periods. This gives a potential new patient all the information they need to choose their new favourite practice.

4. Corporate websites for business owners / self-employed

As with websites for doctors, the same rules apply to websites for entrepreneurs and the self-employed.

Whether you are a lawyer, a company, a travel agency or a car dealer, it is important to capture the offer, the corporate design as a distinguishing feature, an easy handling, a quick contact as well as the findability on Google.

I offer professional web solutions based on the Typo3 database system, with numerous modules like newsletter dispatch, scheduling, booking, so that your employees can operate and maintain the website quickly and easily on a daily basis.

5. Practice logos for doctors / dentists / clinics

Who hasn't seen them, the practice signs in the form of punched-out metal letters? Does a doctor still want to present himself that way?

The design of a surgery starts with the logo. The entire design of the practice is derived from it, from the choice of colours to the interior design, correspondence and advertising.

Why not start there? Why not design a striking logo? A medical practice is a business and needs to stand out from the competition, while at the same time presenting its inner values to the outside world in a skilful and graphically appealing way. This creates a unique selling point and long-term added value.

I have been working in the field of high quality logo design for medical practices since 2006, so I know what they want and can give you professional and sound advice.

6. Company logos for business owners / self-employed

Logos for businesses and professionals are subject to similar but additional criteria.

Here it's a question of a broad external presentation, of the logo's wide applicability on all possible carriers, e.g. as a rotating sign on the company building, as a flag, on cars and trucks, on work uniforms, helmets, folders, bags.

The motto here is: the simpler, the better. It can be in a single colour, inverted or in outlines, without losing the conciseness and character of the logo.

Kurt Weidemann (designer at Porsche, Mercedes, Deutsche Bahn) once said: A logo should be so simple that a child could draw it in the sand.

These criteria are very important in the business world, because the correct design and application of the logo can increase its recognisability, as well as avoid unnecessary operating expenses, such as more colours, yarn or foil.

7. Illustrations for doctors / business owners / self-employed

For doctors, businessmen and professionals, illustrations are essential for presenting complex issues that cannot be visualised in a photograph.

I create illustrations, icons and graphics. For flyers, catalogues, websites, signage, interior design and other tasks.

I develop them on the condition that they can be used extensively. As a graphic on the website, in a brochure, on flyers, as well as on vans, company cars, etc.

8. Printed materials for doctors / business owners / self-employed

Flyers, adverts, folders, catalogues, banners, company signs, letterings (door, car, window), flags, letterheads, business cards, posters, badges, promotional items (USB sticks, stickers, pencils, pens) and much more.

High quality work at a reasonable price, delivered to your door.


For business inquiries, or just to have a little chat, feel free to get in touch.